Still to this day women are being objected to by men as “berger” described. Women put themselves out there to the public where everyone can see and judge their appearance.Also it makes men judge women with a whole different perspective. No women  have less control over their image in the media because everyone has an opinion that will make you look different in everyone’s eye.

Women have the choice of controlling their appearance on social media  by controlling what they post and show publicly. “Berger” says the difference between nakedness is just the human female body without clothes”. Women have full control of their appearance and of who they want to people to look at them as. 


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Still now, women are objectified almost the same way that John Berger described them. Women are often viewed as objects of beauty, pleasure & satisfaction. But nowadays, women have more control over their images in the media. Because they are choosing what image they want to post in social media like Instagram or Facebook. In Spite of that, women tend to be influenced by the male gaze.

In episode 2, “Ways of seeing”, John Berger discusses the difference between nude and nakedness. He explains that nakedness is just the human female body without clothes. On the other hand, Nudity is a kind of disguise to judge the female body. Still to this day women are being objected to men as John Berger described. Women put themselves on social media in public where everyone can see and judge their appearance, but they have control over which image they want to share publicly.

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“Berger discusses the difference between nude and nakedness for a woman. He explains that nakedness is just the human female body without clothes. An appropriate example would be a woman in the shower by herself is naked.” is still right Still, to this day women have kinda more or less control over their images in the media, or are they still determined by the male gaze because once you post pictures it’s forever out there on social media but more control was chosen by not posting of their body not showing more of their body Sexuality has become a spectrum as plays the same role as what Berger describes.

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Ladies are still externalized in the same way that Berger described them today.
They’re frequently seen as sources of happiness and contentment.
Ladies advance average body guidelines through virtual entertainment, similar to what the lady in the movie indicates, that bare artworks exhibit an unrecognizable and misrepresented body for the enjoyment of men and are not retable to most ladies overall.
In these paintings, women are represented as accommodating to men and allowing them to assert their authority.

In comparison to women in European paintings, women in virtual entertainment have greater control over their images since they may choose what they want to reveal.
Regardless, ladies will be influenced by a man’s appearance because it is assumed that a lady should act with dignity.

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Today, women are still objectified in much the same way that Berger described them. They are often viewed as objects of pleasure & satisfaction. Women on social media promote unremarkable body standards, like the woman in the video mentions, that the nude paintings describe an unrecognizable and exaggerated body for the pleasure of men and are not retable to most women in general. Women are portrayed in these paintings as submissive to men and for them to display their dominance.
Compared to the women in European paintings, women in social media have more control over their images since they are able to choose what they want to share. Despite this, women tend to be influenced by the male gaze as there is an expectation that a woman should act in a certain way to appear attractive to men.
Berner asserted that being naked means seeing oneself naked in their own skin, while nude means displaying a naked body, which does not always show the woman’s unique attributes, but rather is meant for the pleasure of men. The woman mentions a book, in which a girl was told not to touch her own breasts, to close her mouth completely, or to put her legs together as a sign of availability.

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Social media such as integrals or even photograph pages have the same representations described by Berger. It all depends on the other’s people point of view and how they want to interpret the picture or painting they are looking at. Women today have more control of their image in the media. Technology has developed a fundamental advantage in which women have self-control and choose what they want to paint themselves as. They are in control of how they show their image. During the Renaissance, women looked for a man to paint them how they want them to. For example, Berger talked about nude paintings of women depicting the way of women views their images in a certain society. Even though women have more self-respect, they sometimes do objectify themselves in similar ways as what Berger argues about women depicted in Renaissance paintings “Naked is to be oneself and to be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself”. When Berger talks about the representations of women sexualize and objectifies, he is correct because women are painted and photographed in ways to please men. In society, today women are often objectified and forced to live up to unrealistic beauty standards various media use the female body and these standards to appeal to certain audiences which include mainly men. The idea of being seen nude is harmful because it perpetuates the idea that women are nothing more than their bodies and are here only to please men.


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          In both society and the media, women, and men are treated differently. For a man to have a presence, he must imply power, but for a woman, her behavior reveals her attitude toward herself and her willingness or unwillingness to accept certain things. As a woman, in my native country, I was born within a designated and limited space, into the hands of men. Until today, visual and social media, magazines, or advertisements of women selling products, generally refer to male voyeurism, which tends to sexualize women for a male viewer. 

          Women are defined by the spectacle, whereas men are discernible by their gaze. However, the nakedness of women in painting or advertisement is never an expression of their desires, but rather a submission to the spectator. Also, Berger points out that this is a uniquely Western cultural concept; whereas, in other cultures, sexuality has to do with partnered couples in which the woman and the man are both active.

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Women today are still being objectified by men especially on social media. when we post on these social media sites it’s usually for entertainment or to post a picture we thought we looked nice in, a simple comment can change the way that we view ourselves. The comments today are not only coming from men but women also. We have to deal with trying to fit in to the “now’ or the thoughts on how these commenters are viewing us. On episode two of Ways Of Seeing John Berger talked about the awareness of being seen by the spectator “they are not naked as they are they are naked as you see them”. If a woman wanted to post a picture at a beach in a bathing suit the viewer might see this picture as sexual rather than just a day at the beach. That goes to show that even after years woman are still being judged as they were in the past we just have more control now.

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Representations of women today do objectify them in similar ways to those that Berger describes. It’s not exactly like before because women have some type of decision in what parts of them they want seen. However, they still see themselves as men would see them. How they are going to be seen by men changes how they feel, how they act, etc. Like one of the women said, a womens body is suppose to be this beautiful object so that is what women want to be. Berger says that to be naked is to be undressed and to be nude is a pose. This adds to the stance that women subconsciously let men (or whoever they want to lust over them) dictate their choices. I agree when Berger says that it has to do with male dominance and being able to change a womens own perception. However since it’s so deep rooted, it pertains to not only men but whoever they want to be beautiful for. Sexuality has become a spectrum; to say it plays the same role as what Berger describes would be reducing it to one thing. Women are also not the only people that have this trait in them. Usually the more submissive person in a relationship, whatever gender, is the one that wants to be desired. Women and submission are two things that people correlate still. Even if unknowingly, this objectifies women just like any nude painting of a girl waiting to pleasure a man.

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In episode 2 of “Ways of seeing” , John Berger talks about the difference between nude and nakedness .Nudity is a kind of disguise in order to judge the female body while nakedness is a woman without clothes. According to Berger women are being objectified by men and women as a subject of a gaze. I believe that the same is happening nowadays in the social media and women are still determined by the male gaze. On the other hand , women can have more control over their images by controlling what they view and where they focused on social media. In addition, sexuality always played and still plays a significant role in images of women especially since social media included to our lives and exist mostly to shape public attitudes.