Blog Post #3 Ways of Seeing Episode 4

  1. According to Berger, how do “publicity”–what we would call advertising–images influence consumers and why is this significant?

Publicity/Advertising is different as it applies to a way of life that we aspire to or think we aspire to but have not yet achieved. Consumers are affected by advertising because the pictures advertised are enhanced in such a way that it makes us believe that what we buy or what is offering would make our life different from what it already is. Not only our home will be intact but our relationships will be better because of our new possession but in reality we could only achieve that goal if we have enough money. This will encourage people to apply for credit cards despite of interest rates.

  1. As he compares oil painting to publicity (advertising) photography, Berger argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life;” “it enhanced his view of himself as he already was.”  Whereas publicity pictures, “appeal to a way of life that we aspire to or think we aspire to.” Why are these differences important? What do they reveal to us about the production of images for publicity?

The difference between the oil paintings and the publicity photos is that the oil paintings are normally found in the houses of people with with authority and it is surrounded by gold frames which symbolizes the wealth of the owners within the picture and people around it while the publicity photos are found plastered on the walls or windows of peoples neighborhoods or common place of leisure activities to get the consumer’s attention so they might buy the products and dream to be like the people in the photo but it still excludes them.


  1. Choose one of the “dreams” he offers or think of your own. How does this dream offered by advertising use imagery to manipulate consumers?

When he speaks about the dream- The Dream of Later Tonight he means that if you buy e.g a Gucci bag or if you wear the best perfume eg Dior, that you will be the best person in the room and everyone would want to have what you have but in reality imagery may be public but dreams are intimate and you bring the greatest pleasure of all to the party and feel special but later when you get home you feel the same way you were before you had all of the special items.

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1.  According to John Berger, advertising and publicity influence consumers to buy the products. Advertisement companies make ads with tricks. Those ads give viewers a feeling that, if they buy the products, they will be benefited, and their life will be changed in a positive way. Advertisements always show how good and useful the product is in our life.

2.  John Berger explains that oil painting showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life. Oil paintings began with facts from the life of its owner which shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner. But it does not include how he obtains this wealth.

3.  I have a dream to travel and explore different places, nature and cultures for a long time. Since I have read various travel books and watched different travel documentaries, my interests in traveling increased. Whenever I see different ads about traveling from expedia, Trip Advisor, I feel like I would be the happiest person if I could travel to those places.


1.Ads make us believe that we need whatever we see in their advertising, they make it look useful and Affordable to catch people’s attention. It makes the consumer think that is what they are missing in their lives. It’s very effective because it gets the consumer into thinking of buying it.

2.”Berger” uses oil painting to describe the live texture of a picture. He compares color photography to oil painting since they were both used to show demonstration of the texture and tangibility and similarities to photography.

3.Advertisement can make you think about its product to the point where you actually get it. “Berger”  says “ how so many cosmetic companies and manufactures use magazines and tv commercials in order to spread their”beauty dream”. 

Blog Post #3

  1. Ads are stupid tricks  influence of advertising makes seem we are missing in our lives 
  2. Berger states that the manner in which we perceive images, most notably paintings and artworks from the past, tells us more about ourselves, than about the works themselves. As he compares oil painting to publicity advertising photography, Berger argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life;”
  3. Advertisers could be reaching you while you sleep, evidence shows dream implantation works by playing sounds or using smells to prime your brain.

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1. According to John Berger, an advertising image makes viewers think that if they buy what it offers, this possession will change their lives, including their relationships. By showing pictures of happy people using their products, they send a message if we buy this product, we too can have a life like these people.

2. According to John Berger, oil paintings began with facts from the life of its owner. It shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner without including how he obtains this wealth. He doesn’t offer anything, he just shows what he already has. But, advertising shows us a perfect life that we want to have. And he offers us this life by buying their services or products.

3. I chose the dream of a distant place. It’s a dream that he and mine offer. Since I was a child, traveling the world has been one of my biggest dreams. Especially after my interactions with technology increased, I realized that this dream was getting bigger and bigger in my heart. Travel agency advertisements play an important role in this regard.Images from other countries always have very distinct colors and generally everyone in these images looks so peaceful and happy. Nobody shows any sign of bad mood or trouble that makes me feel like if I go to that place, the only thing I will feel is happiness and peace.



1. Berger, publicity influences consumers by displaying “images of an alternate way of life.” Such images are used to manipulate the consumer into believing that their products are should be purchased in their perceived best interest. If we purchase these items we will experience a better form of existence They’re able to convince consumers that they will become enviable. which will lead to a happier existence. This is significant as we see these images everywhere and even if we don’t remember the images, they still manage to influence our daily decisions subconsciously .

2. Oil painting to publicity photography differences are important because oil paintings shows what the owners life is like. It shows the current wealth or achievements of the owner but not how they got it. It shows what the owner has but not what they are offering. However, publicity photography shows us what we want to have. It offers something that will make out life better by  purchasing their service or products that is being shown.

3. Berger tells of the “dream of beauty. “How so many cosmetic companies and manufacturers use magazines and tv commercials in order to spread there “ Beauty dream” as beauty is now something that can be bought. It give people the image that if they use said products they to can achieve the perfect look and only then will they be truly beautiful. However this is all a false truth as we know today technology makes enhancing once featured easier , thus making this an even greater form of deception. Such changes in technology have allows us to alter our experience and alter the way the world see what we experience.

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1-According to john Berger, publicity persuades us to spend more which gives us a feeling of wealth but at the same time, it makes us poorer as we keep spending. In old days, the oil paintings were based on nymphs and goddesses but now they are replaced by models. In addition to mentioning that oil painting and publicity are the same, John mentions that sometimes publicity imitates oil paintings as people pose, dress up as if they have been painted.

2-He compares color photography to oil painting since both were used to demonstrate physical texture and tangibility on a canvas, similar to photography.

3-Oil paintings are a representation of what one already has, while publicity is what people aspire to. Viewing advertisements about the publicity and glamorous life of celebrities often encourages people to imitate them and purchase items to feel more glamorous. Advertisements have become extremely clever and persuasive over the years, and are able to connect with people’s emotions. Publicity sets unrealistic and unattainable standards for people, which is not healthy since people can be easily influenced.

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According to Berger, publicity images have the same meaning as advertising images. Berger explains that these images surround us, so it is unique to modern society. These images intend to create a mental picture of the product or service in the customer’s mind. These images also help make the customer feel familiar with it and, lastly, induce a consultation of that knowledge into actual purchase.

Color photography or publicity photography has taken over the role of oil paint in a different context. The difference between oil painting and publicity photography is that everyone can see photography, but oil paintings were only for the ruling class. I think publicity photography affects how we feel, perceive, and judge everything in our society. For example, publicity images can lead to serious negative consequences for our psychological and physical wellbeing because these images promote false happiness.

One of the dreams Berger alludes to is the dream of a faraway place. This takes us to places we only see in travel brochures and manipulates us by visually pleasing us. These images are attractive, arouse curiosity amongst consumers, and are an intelligent way to attract new customers and provoke recent sales. Advertising images create an illusion or fantasy which requires a high level of skill accompanied by imagination to produce good work.

Blog Post #3

#1- In episode 4 of “Ways of seeing” Berger states “publicity proposes to us that we could change our own lives by buying something more”. What he means by this is that by seeing these ads it shows what you can have if you buy it. These advertisements are there to persuade us into getting the things we don’t neccesarily need making your lifestyle more desirable to others. It is significant to the advertisor because it sucks us in as consumers to believe these ads would make a difference in our lives such as better skin or high fashion clothing and that causes us to spend the money.


#2- The difference  between oil paintings and publicity are that with oil paintings it shows what they already own  “you get a sense of their value” whereas publicity makes us feel unsatisfied with what we have making us want more “it appeals to the way of life we aspire to”. It’s an illusion to a happier life, we will never be satisfied as long as these ads are around because we tend to want to be better than others and are easily influenced because of the images it portrays.


#3- The dream of a far away place is a perfect example of the effect advertising has on me. As I watch T.V. or scroll through social media I tend to see commercials or ads of these amazing places that I would love to visit. These ads are talking about the experiences and the great time one would have if they traveled there. It shows people on beaches relaxing and enjoying themselves which makes me believe if I go there I would be as relaxed or at peace as they are.

Blog post #3

1.  As Berger states in episode 4 of “Ways of seeing”, publicity proposes to us that we could change our own lives by buying something more. He compares the publicity in today’s society with the oil paintings back in the days. Images through advertisements connected with our own  lives as they are influence us to buy more things in order to be desirable and pleasant improving our own lifestyle.


2. According to Berger, there are two differences between publicity and oil paintings. The first one and more important,in my opinion, is that the oil paintings used to refer to the moment where they made, while the publicity nowadays refers to a imaginary future enhanced by the products. The second ,but not least difference , is that ,on one hand ,paintings were surrounded by a gold frame which showed the wealth of the possessor within and around the picture ,on the other hand, publicity surrounds by us as we are and behind those images are covered our wishes which falsely believe within this way we ‘ll change our own lives.


3. Advertising works upon fear ,the fear of us not being desirable. People who advertise things have the ability to manipulate us influencing our emotions. A good example of manipulation as Berger claims in episode 4 , is buying perfumes appealing our desire for pleasure and try to make us buy those even though that we don’t really need them. Our minds  engaged with ads ,unconsciously , whose create unrealistic expectations of perfection. In conclusion, advertisements are based,falsely, in the relationship between products and our own lifestyle.