Step1: Black Lives Matter. 

Step2: Police brutality and racial disciminaton.

Step3: Coming from a different background or race, one will always come into contact with being racially profiled or discriminated against. 

Step4:Although it started in the US, Black Lives Matter is now a global human rights movement. It campaigns to end violence and  racism towards Black people and other people of color.

Step5:Is black lives matter movement doing more harm than good?


Blog Post #4

Step 1: Black Lives matter.

Step 2: Black lives matter, protests for rights and police brutality.

Step 3: Discrimination to black people need to stop at any cost because black lives matter like everyone else.

Step 4: The black life matter movement made a huge impact throughout the world, and it helps to fight discrimination toward people of color.

Step 5: A Police officer must serve and help the community. Law is important for everyone, but Police officers need to find an alternative way to defend themselves without being violent to the people.

Blog 4#

step:1 Black life matters.


Step: 2. criminal injustice police are targeting the black women who not doing anything,


Step:3.  a social movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and inequality experienced by black people.


Step:4 The Black Lives Matter movement helps fight discrimination toward people of color. 


Step:5 Law for Black Lives is a national community of radical lawyers and legal workers committed to transforming the law and building the power of organizing to defend, protect and advance Black Liberation across the globe.

Blog 4#

1. Black lives within the face of the racism, tight social justice.

2. State the particular issue: Yeshiva Evans, a demonstrator at an occurrence that followed the shooting of Alton Sterling by a officer in Baton Rouge, LA

3. As a result of clause: social justice movements, and have become resonant for those that subsume the intersections of race and criminal justice.

4. Qualifications: Peaceful protestors being arrested. exploitation their constitutional right to protest and demand equality and equity.

5. Counterarguments : individuals can argue that the protest were criminal as a result of a allow wasn’t issued and also the protest disturbed traffic.

blog post#4 Sheridan Baker thesis machine

Step1-Black lives matter
Step2 – Black Lives Matter just as much as those of others.
Step 3- Discrimination against black people should not be tolerated because Black Lives Matter just as much as those of others.
Step4- Although there is a human rights act, people still criticize others based on their race.
Step5- Is it more important than black lives matter, or does each life matter equally?

Blog post #4

1 Black life matters.
2. Black lives matter is a significant movement.
3. Black lives matter is a significant move because it’s a movement for equality for black communities.
4. Although there might still be issues regarding an individual’s fundamental rights, black lives matter focuses on equality for black communities.
5. law is necessary to maintain a system within the community. A police officer must serve and protect others, but if the black lives matter movement keeps uprising, there needs to be better protocol on how to handle a disturbance in public.

Blog Post #4 Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine

  1. Gay Liberation and LGBTQ rights in the 70s
  2. The Gay Liberation Movement in the 70s has changed American history and the Constitution forever.
  3. Gay Rights activists, movements and riots paved the way for social change because this has been a long withstanding proceeding about gender equality and human rights.
  4. Although a more revolutionary political consciousness developed that resulted from the formation of many new groups, many members of the LGBTQ community are still in opposition of the country’s system. Issues such as same sex marriage and homophobia are still very much a strong topic in debates.
  5. Even though many members of the LGBTQI believe they’re tyrannized , many strengthened their political activism. They always fought for their rights in peaceful protests in so many inspiring ways.



Blog Post #4 Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine

  1. Black Lives & Social Justice Movement
  2. Anyone can protest for Black Lives matter no matter the status
  3. Cops should not be shooting or harassing  people while they are peacefully protesting
  4. Although it is a stereotype that black people are dangerous to the cops because of racism that doesn’t mean that they should be killing innocent people out of so called fear.
  5. Cops. need to protect themselves incase the protesters become violent.

Blog Post #4

The Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine

Step 1: Black Lives Matter.

Step 2:  Social justice movement due to police violence. 

Step 3: Social justice movement should happen because it is a way of expressing the disagreement between law and rights.

Step 4: Although social movements motivate and mobilize hundreds of people in all parts of the world, where a lot of police violence is still happening.

Step 5: Police violence should be controlled by each Captain by giving classes on self-control and classes on alternatives to defend themself when they feel at risk.

Blog Post #4


Step 2) Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing

Step 3) Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing because we all have our own preferences to what we want in a partner and these preferences may include gender or may not, nun the less it is a personal matter.

Step 4) Although same sex relationships have been looked down upon, Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing cause we all have our own preferences to what we want in a partner and these preferences may include gender or may not.

Step 5) No matter if there are laws against same sex marriage, we will still have the free will inside to our own preference of the gender of our partner.