I will use my second paper “money and music” to develop the third paper, and my research question is “How do you think the digitalization of music has affected the music industry? Is it better or worse than in the past and how does capitalism impact the music industry??” I came up with this question as Krukowski mentions how free sharing of the music restricted artists to make a living which contradicts recent events, where artists earn massive profits by sharing their music on streaming platforms.

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1/ Identify and describe the research question you are using to develop your third paper. What is your question and how did you arrive at it? What interests you about it?

My research paper is about how people use iconography to show their different visual perceptions and how and why people would see the same picture differently. The reason why I came up with that question is because a lot of people saw the ieshia evans photo in different ways I would like to show the most of the angles they saw the photo not only how Bachman saw it. Visual perception is a large topic so I would just like to focus on the photo at hand.

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My research question for the final paper will be based on my first paper I’d like to focus on “Ways of Seeing” theme and specifically I’m interested in what ways, do photographers use pictures to tell stories about the struggle for the civil rights movement and how it is used today? Also doing research on police brutality and how people of color are treated in society even though we live in a democratic country. I would love to do more research on how people’s voices are suppressed, not only in America but in other places such as other countries.

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My research paper would be based on my paper 1 “ways of seeing “ on the poster representing Rosa parks storyline. I’m going to rewrite my paper 1 and accentuate more on What made photographers used their art to instruct people. Since then how effective this has been in the artistic middle. What were the difficulties faced?

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My research question for the final paper will be based on my second paper, about music industry and money. I come up with the question , “Is it more beneficial for the artist to stream their music freely or through streaming services”? I’m curious about this topic , because I feel that artists doing really hard work to create better music. Artist need to choose the most beneficial ways to stream so that they can get best reward for their music and art. Therefore, they can make a living.

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My research question for this paper is going to be based on my second paper, about space and sound. It will be what effects do different spaces and their noises have on us and our feelings? I became curious about this after thinking about how a person can put on headphones while on the train to make themselves feel better. Also, how hearing things like birds chirping can make a person want to go outside or be more productive. It interests me how sounds affect us on a every day basis.

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I have chosen to revise my second essay. I feel that The way we hear is very interesting. In my essay I spoke about Money and it’s involvement in the music industry and how it effect what we hear. I will add on by speaking about How the music industry has changed due to the development of new technology?, how is money directly related to such musical changes . Why are some artists pay greater than other ? How is monitory valued made for music where do the number come from?

Research Questions on LGBTQ+ Rights

After years of progress on Gay Rights, the LGBTQ+ community still struggles. The challenges that they still face daily are unpredictable and unsettling. The confrontation in finding happiness in diversity is a provocation they continue to face. They still face discrimination in health care, school, government, and social settings every day. It took decades for the LGBTQ+ to be accepted and have equal rights with the rest of us but it still is an ongoing controversy. How can we compare and contrast the fight for Gay Liberation in the 1960s to the present issues the LGBTQ+ is still facing?