Blog Post 5

!-The difference between hearing and listening is that with hearing you can sit there and hear everything that’s going on around you it requires no effort at all whereas with listening you are actually paying attention to what’s going on around you actively with the intent to understand. I strongly believe that we make the choice of what we listen to, When we listen to things we are choosing to listen to it. We make these choices by considering what is important to listen to and what is not.Structural features could also play part in how we listen to things.We might want to listen to specific things that we feel matter more.

2-Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by talking to us about how sound is always around us. Schafer believes sound comes from culture and environment, and by not paying close attention to noise it  can impact our everyday activities and even beliefs. Krukowski explains that social interactions within space are becoming less accessible due to technology. The use of technology is causing us not to use our sensory systems, preventing us from enjoying the things surrounding us.

Blog Post #4 Thesis Machine Iesha Evans

Step 1. Topic: Black lives in the face of the racism, demanding social justice.

Step 2. State the specific issue: Ieshia Evans, a demonstrator at an event that followed the shooting of Alton Sterling by a policeman in Baton Rouge, LA

Step 3. Because clause: social justice movements, and became resonant for those who deal with the intersections of race and criminal justice.

Step 4. Qualifications: Peaceful protestors being arrested.  Using their constitutional right to protest and demand equality and equity.

Step 5. Counterarguments : people will argue that the protest were illegal because a permit was not issued and the protest disturbed traffic


Ieshia Evans in a flowing dress stands facing a line of police in riot gear, two of whom charge towards her

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge by Jonathan Bachman


Blog Post #3

#1- In episode 4 of “Ways of seeing” Berger states “publicity proposes to us that we could change our own lives by buying something more”. What he means by this is that by seeing these ads it shows what you can have if you buy it. These advertisements are there to persuade us into getting the things we don’t neccesarily need making your lifestyle more desirable to others. It is significant to the advertisor because it sucks us in as consumers to believe these ads would make a difference in our lives such as better skin or high fashion clothing and that causes us to spend the money.


#2- The difference  between oil paintings and publicity are that with oil paintings it shows what they already own  “you get a sense of their value” whereas publicity makes us feel unsatisfied with what we have making us want more “it appeals to the way of life we aspire to”. It’s an illusion to a happier life, we will never be satisfied as long as these ads are around because we tend to want to be better than others and are easily influenced because of the images it portrays.


#3- The dream of a far away place is a perfect example of the effect advertising has on me. As I watch T.V. or scroll through social media I tend to see commercials or ads of these amazing places that I would love to visit. These ads are talking about the experiences and the great time one would have if they traveled there. It shows people on beaches relaxing and enjoying themselves which makes me believe if I go there I would be as relaxed or at peace as they are.

Blog post #2 Ways Of Seeing

Women today are still being objectified by men especially on social media. when we post on these social media sites it’s usually for entertainment or to post a picture we thought we looked nice in, a simple comment can change the way that we view ourselves. The comments today are not only coming from men but women also. We have to deal with trying to fit in to the “now’ or the thoughts on how these commenters are viewing us. On episode two of Ways Of Seeing John Berger talked about the awareness of being seen by the spectator “they are not naked as they are they are naked as you see them”. If a woman wanted to post a picture at a beach in a bathing suit the viewer might see this picture as sexual rather than just a day at the beach. That goes to show that even after years woman are still being judged as they were in the past we just have more control now.

blog post #1

#1 The advantages of entering the conversation model gives you an idea on what they are feeling or their opinion on things, this also helps us express our own opinions and lets us express the different views we have.

#2 I agree that learning to look at art work helps us analyze other situations because if you look at art work and stare at it for a minute you can see what the painter is really trying to express to you. If you just take a quick look you can possibly miss important details. I feel this goes into any situation that we deal with in life, when approaching situations it is better to get as many details as possible to better understand.