Blog post #2 Ways Of Seeing

Women today are still being objectified by men especially on social media. when we post on these social media sites it’s usually for entertainment or to post a picture we thought we looked nice in, a simple comment can change the way that we view ourselves. The comments today are not only coming from men but women also. We have to deal with trying to fit in to the “now’ or the thoughts on how these commenters are viewing us. On episode two of Ways Of Seeing John Berger talked about the awareness of being seen by the spectator “they are not naked as they are they are naked as you see them”. If a woman wanted to post a picture at a beach in a bathing suit the viewer might see this picture as sexual rather than just a day at the beach. That goes to show that even after years woman are still being judged as they were in the past we just have more control now.

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  • March 25, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Interesting thoughts here. I like your point about comments. This is a feature of social media that definitely wasn’t available to Berger or the artists he talks about.

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