Blog Post #5 Hearing and Listening

 Hearing and Listening are the same things we just gotta use our ears but there is a significant difference between hearing or the things that you choose to hear either you can ignore it or try not to hear it but listening has to do with paying attention you listen to the things that you wanna understand make a decision about listening to it A good listener will pay close attention when you wanna listen to someone say something and hearing how old people are insisted because you have the choice to not listen to something not here things that you don’t want to and Krukowski discusses hearing and listening sound in space are both rhythms with each other But I think whoever is interested to even here or listen they will pay attention it’s just up to them for listening is something that you put more attention to when you try to listen to it carefully than hearing.

Blog Post #3

  1. Ads are stupid tricks  influence of advertising makes seem we are missing in our lives 
  2. Berger states that the manner in which we perceive images, most notably paintings and artworks from the past, tells us more about ourselves, than about the works themselves. As he compares oil painting to publicity advertising photography, Berger argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life;”
  3. Advertisers could be reaching you while you sleep, evidence shows dream implantation works by playing sounds or using smells to prime your brain.

Blog post #2

“Berger discusses the difference between nude and nakedness for a woman. He explains that nakedness is just the human female body without clothes. An appropriate example would be a woman in the shower by herself is naked.” is still right Still, to this day women have kinda more or less control over their images in the media, or are they still determined by the male gaze because once you post pictures it’s forever out there on social media but more control was chosen by not posting of their body not showing more of their body Sexuality has become a spectrum as plays the same role as what Berger describes.

Blog post #1

#1 The advantage of entering the conversation model gives you an idea of what they are feeling or they’re saying about things, this also gives us to show our opinions and lets us represent the different thoughts we have.

#2 I agree with the author’s statement that learning to look at artwork can help us analyze other situations because art can sometimes tell a story just by looking at it and deeply analyzing it you can try and put the pieces together on what the artist is trying to display. 

Blog 4#

step:1 Black life matters.


Step: 2. criminal injustice police are targeting the black women who not doing anything,


Step:3.  a social movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and inequality experienced by black people.


Step:4 The Black Lives Matter movement helps fight discrimination toward people of color. 


Step:5 Law for Black Lives is a national community of radical lawyers and legal workers committed to transforming the law and building the power of organizing to defend, protect and advance Black Liberation across the globe.