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Representations of women today do objectify them in similar ways to those that Berger describes. It’s not exactly like before because women have some type of decision in what parts of them they want seen. However, they still see themselves as men would see them. How they are going to be seen by men changes how they feel, how they act, etc. Like one of the women said, a womens body is suppose to be this beautiful object so that is what women want to be. Berger says that to be naked is to be undressed and to be nude is a pose. This adds to the stance that women subconsciously let men (or whoever they want to lust over them) dictate their choices. I agree when Berger says that it has to do with male dominance and being able to change a womens own perception. However since it’s so deep rooted, it pertains to not only men but whoever they want to be beautiful for. Sexuality has become a spectrum; to say it plays the same role as what Berger describes would be reducing it to one thing. Women are also not the only people that have this trait in them. Usually the more submissive person in a relationship, whatever gender, is the one that wants to be desired. Women and submission are two things that people correlate still. Even if unknowingly, this objectifies women just like any nude painting of a girl waiting to pleasure a man.

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  • March 25, 2022 at 1:22 pm

    Joselyn, interesting thoughts here. Are there any current examples of this that you see as similar to the examples Berger uses?

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