Blog Post #7 – Research Strategies

The most effective research strategy starts with preparation and organization. Articulating a chosen topic and being able to make a list of essential keywords and concepts is very important. We can utilize several resources that are proven effective in research methodology. There are web engines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and books available to us – the only thing that matters is how we use these resources meticulously. Once we have gathered all our material, it is also essential to evaluate and identify if they are from reliable sources. Then if we deem that we lack the proper information that we were looking for, maybe we need to analyze and seek consultation from a professional to see how we can improve. Lastly, we need to be picky and remember that research is an iterative process. We may need to do this multiple times until we find what we are searching for.

Research Questions on LGBTQ+ Rights

After years of progress on Gay Rights, the LGBTQ+ community still struggles. The challenges that they still face daily are unpredictable and unsettling. The confrontation in finding happiness in diversity is a provocation they continue to face. They still face discrimination in health care, school, government, and social settings every day. It took decades for the LGBTQ+ to be accepted and have equal rights with the rest of us but it still is an ongoing controversy. How can we compare and contrast the fight for Gay Liberation in the 1960s to the present issues the LGBTQ+ is still facing?