Blog Post # 5

1. While hearing and listening seem to have the same goal when using both ears, there are significant differences between them. On the one hand, hearing is one of the five senses, while hearing is the choice to hear and analyze what you hear. Listening plays an important role in understanding and decision making. A good listener will not only listen carefully to what has been said, but also to what has not been said. So, effective listening involves the mind and the eyes, which means paying attention to what the other person is saying and putting our thoughts in a position that makes us understand and make more informed choices. Sometimes despite physical distractions such as outside noises, cell phone ringing, conversations with others, car horns, personal concerns such as pain or even lack of interest and boredom, can affect our listening experience.

2. Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by telling us about how sound is all around us. Sometimes we get the meaning by listening and sometimes you just hear it.




Blog 4#

1. Black lives within the face of the racism, tight social justice.

2. State the particular issue: Yeshiva Evans, a demonstrator at an occurrence that followed the shooting of Alton Sterling by a officer in Baton Rouge, LA

3. As a result of clause: social justice movements, and have become resonant for those that subsume the intersections of race and criminal justice.

4. Qualifications: Peaceful protestors being arrested. exploitation their constitutional right to protest and demand equality and equity.

5. Counterarguments : individuals can argue that the protest were criminal as a result of a allow wasn’t issued and also the protest disturbed traffic.

Blog #3

1. According to John Berger, an advertising image makes viewers think that if they buy what it offers, this possession will change their lives, including their relationships. By showing pictures of happy people using their products, they send a message if we buy this product, we too can have a life like these people.

2. According to John Berger, oil paintings began with facts from the life of its owner. It shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner without including how he obtains this wealth. He doesn’t offer anything, he just shows what he already has. But, advertising shows us a perfect life that we want to have. And he offers us this life by buying their services or products.

3. I chose the dream of a distant place. It’s a dream that he and mine offer. Since I was a child, traveling the world has been one of my biggest dreams. Especially after my interactions with technology increased, I realized that this dream was getting bigger and bigger in my heart. Travel agency advertisements play an important role in this regard.Images from other countries always have very distinct colors and generally everyone in these images looks so peaceful and happy. Nobody shows any sign of bad mood or trouble that makes me feel like if I go to that place, the only thing I will feel is happiness and peace.

Blog post #2

Ladies are still externalized in the same way that Berger described them today.
They’re frequently seen as sources of happiness and contentment.
Ladies advance average body guidelines through virtual entertainment, similar to what the lady in the movie indicates, that bare artworks exhibit an unrecognizable and misrepresented body for the enjoyment of men and are not retable to most ladies overall.
In these paintings, women are represented as accommodating to men and allowing them to assert their authority.

In comparison to women in European paintings, women in virtual entertainment have greater control over their images since they may choose what they want to reveal.
Regardless, ladies will be influenced by a man’s appearance because it is assumed that a lady should act with dignity.

Blog Post #1

1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing because the templates empower you to be a more critical and intellectual thinker. The book also invites you to participate in debates and conversations of your world in an active and empowered way. The templates also don’t stop your creativity they only give you a format on how to say your message. Once you master them you can change them or get rid of them altogether.

2. I do agree with the smarthistory videos looking at and interrogating artwork can improve visual and communication skills which can be critical during emergencies. There can be a lot more going on in a piece of artwork than first meets the eye. A close study of art can train viewers to study situations more thoroughly this is especially pertinent to professions like doctors that review test results and Xrays all day long. Studying art and discussing what you see can also help you with your articulation skills by providing a more detailed and accurate description of situations.