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          In both society and the media, women, and men are treated differently. For a man to have a presence, he must imply power, but for a woman, her behavior reveals her attitude toward herself and her willingness or unwillingness to accept certain things. As a woman, in my native country, I was born within a designated and limited space, into the hands of men. Until today, visual and social media, magazines, or advertisements of women selling products, generally refer to male voyeurism, which tends to sexualize women for a male viewer. 

          Women are defined by the spectacle, whereas men are discernible by their gaze. However, the nakedness of women in painting or advertisement is never an expression of their desires, but rather a submission to the spectator. Also, Berger points out that this is a uniquely Western cultural concept; whereas, in other cultures, sexuality has to do with partnered couples in which the woman and the man are both active.

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  • March 25, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Ghizlane, very interesting thoughts here. How does your analysis here line up with social media? I wonder if the dynamics are different for women on social media since they construct how they present themselves to the world.

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