Blog Post #5

  1. There are some differences between hearing and listening. We can hear anything, but we only listen to the things that we are interested in. From my perspective, I believe that we make our choice of what we listen to. We make these choices by our interests. We can listen to anything or any sound without our intention, but we only hear the things which we feel interested, important and necessary for us. Structural features, such as race, gender, or social class can make an impact on what we listen to. We want to listen to the specific thing which is interesting and necessary for us.


  1. Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space. They discuss how sound is all around us. Schafer believes sound comes from culture and environment. On the other hand, Krukowski expresses how he feels about sound today and how technology has changed.

Blog Post #4

Step 1: Black Lives matter.

Step 2: Black lives matter, protests for rights and police brutality.

Step 3: Discrimination to black people need to stop at any cost because black lives matter like everyone else.

Step 4: The black life matter movement made a huge impact throughout the world, and it helps to fight discrimination toward people of color.

Step 5: A Police officer must serve and help the community. Law is important for everyone, but Police officers need to find an alternative way to defend themselves without being violent to the people.

Blog Post #3

1.  According to John Berger, advertising and publicity influence consumers to buy the products. Advertisement companies make ads with tricks. Those ads give viewers a feeling that, if they buy the products, they will be benefited, and their life will be changed in a positive way. Advertisements always show how good and useful the product is in our life.

2.  John Berger explains that oil painting showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life. Oil paintings began with facts from the life of its owner which shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner. But it does not include how he obtains this wealth.

3.  I have a dream to travel and explore different places, nature and cultures for a long time. Since I have read various travel books and watched different travel documentaries, my interests in traveling increased. Whenever I see different ads about traveling from expedia, Trip Advisor, I feel like I would be the happiest person if I could travel to those places.

Blog Post #2

Still now, women are objectified almost the same way that John Berger described them. Women are often viewed as objects of beauty, pleasure & satisfaction. But nowadays, women have more control over their images in the media. Because they are choosing what image they want to post in social media like Instagram or Facebook. In Spite of that, women tend to be influenced by the male gaze.

In episode 2, “Ways of seeing”, John Berger discusses the difference between nude and nakedness. He explains that nakedness is just the human female body without clothes. On the other hand, Nudity is a kind of disguise to judge the female body. Still to this day women are being objected to men as John Berger described. Women put themselves on social media in public where everyone can see and judge their appearance, but they have control over which image they want to share publicly.

Blog Post #1

1.  I agree with Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein who discussed how writers should use the model of entering the conversation in their writings. It has some advantages for us because entering the conversation model gives an idea about what they are feeling in their opinion. This also helps us to express our own opinion.

2.  I agree with the smart history video that learning to look at artwork helps us to analyze others’ situations. Because art has its own language. Art can be very powerful. Artists express their feelings, love, and message through their art. We can understand what artists are trying to say by looking at their art.

Blog post #7

  1. Describe your research strategy. What methods and ideas from the readings did you find most useful?


My information for paper was gathered from different articles that I found on the LaGuardia Library website, I used the techniques form They Say / I Say chapters that we read at the beginning of the semester  which helped me to format my paper and I also used a quote from John Berger Ways of Seeing. I liked the format from one of the articles and found that the way they described Iconography had me thinking that yes this is what I should let my paper be based on.

Blog Post 7

When I was writing my final paper, I came up with my thesis and then used some key words to look for articles that would help. I only used articles because they were fast to read through and easy to extract information from. I used quotes that I thought would best fit my argument. Some of the articles stated counterarguments so I used those to help in other body paragraphs. I also used quotes I used in my first paper.

Blog post 5

  1. What do you take the differences between “hearing” and “listening” to be? Do we make choices about what we listen to? If so, how do we make these choices? What criteria do we use? Do structural features, such as race, gender, or social class, inform how we listen? How so? Are there other structural elements that affect our listening experiences? Hearing is just something you just listen to, listening is something that you pay close attention too. Yes, we make the choice on what we listen to because listening gives one’s attention to a sound, listening is a learned skill. We make these choices by managing what he can hear and what we don’t want to hear. When we pay attention to certain things and only focus on it you forget about what’s around it. It’s very personal choice to choose what we listen to and what we don’t. In some house holds the wife usually listens to what the husband says because he’s the head on the house. Listening is something that you can’t really avoid. I feel like something that really effects our listening structural elements that affect our listening experience is our surrounding because you can easily get distracted by any noise.
  2. How do Schafer and Krakowski discuss the relationship between sound and space? Schafer and Krakowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by talking about us and how we always have sound around us. Schafer believe sound comes from the environment and what surrounds us. There’re times where we understand certain thing by listening or sometimes by just hearing.

Blog Post #7

The most effective research strategy starts with preparation and organization. chosing topic and being able to make a list of essential keywords and concepts is very important. We can utilize several resources that are proven effective in research methodology. There are web engines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and books available to us – the only thing that matters is how we use these resources meticulously. Once we have gathered all our material, it is also essential to evaluate and identify if they are from reliable sources.And getting some useful help from some books and articles which Can be access from LaGuardia Community College Library.

Blog Post 6

1/ Identify and describe the research question you are using to develop your third paper. What is your question and how did you arrive at it? What interests you about it?

My research paper is about how people use iconography to show their different visual perceptions and how and why people would see the same picture differently. The reason why I came up with that question is because a lot of people saw the ieshia evans photo in different ways I would like to show the most of the angles they saw the photo not only how Bachman saw it. Visual perception is a large topic so I would just like to focus on the photo at hand.