Blog Post #7

The most effective research strategy starts with preparation and organization. chosing topic and being able to make a list of essential keywords and concepts is very important. We can utilize several resources that are proven effective in research methodology. There are web engines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and books available to us – the only thing that matters is how we use these resources meticulously. Once we have gathered all our material, it is also essential to evaluate and identify if they are from reliable sources.And getting some useful help from some books and articles which Can be access from LaGuardia Community College Library.

Blog Post #6

My research question for the final paper will be based on my first paper I’d like to focus on “Ways of Seeing” theme and specifically I’m interested in what ways, do photographers use pictures to tell stories about the struggle for the civil rights movement and how it is used today? Also doing research on police brutality and how people of color are treated in society even though we live in a democratic country. I would love to do more research on how people’s voices are suppressed, not only in America but in other places such as other countries.

Blog Post #5

  1. The main difference between hearing and listening is that when you hear stuff you do not really like paying attention and understanding what’s happening. For instance, if you’re just hearing 2 people talk you’re just probably hearing it go through one ear and out the either. When you’re listening you actually listening close to someone’s conversation and you understand and analyze what those 2 people are saying. When you are listening I feel like you are more engaged in what you’re doing, but hearing and listening work together.
  2. Schafer and Krukowski identify a relationship between space and sound. They identify that music and the sound of it is an instrumental part of a lot of things. They believe that music and sound are sometimes produced by emotion and sometimes by noise. Schafer believes that sound is not just a product of the culture and environment around you but a reflection of everything that goes on around you and how you hear all the noise around you. They also found out that analyzing soundscape was a much harder task than anything.

Blog Post #4

The Sheridan Baker Thesis Machine

Step 1: Black Lives Matter.

Step 2:  Social justice movement due to police violence. 

Step 3: Social justice movement should happen because it is a way of expressing the disagreement between law and rights.

Step 4: Although social movements motivate and mobilize hundreds of people in all parts of the world, where a lot of police violence is still happening.

Step 5: Police violence should be controlled by each Captain by giving classes on self-control and classes on alternatives to defend themself when they feel at risk.

Blog Post #3 ch4.

  1. Advertising not only promotes social messages but also lifestyle through illustrating an unreal better position of ideal consumer and creating better expectations of a product to impress the minds of the consumers.
    It’s significant in a bad way because the influence of advertising is a power to alter what consumers think and feel. It’s a manipulation and exaggeration of the quality of the product that tent people to consume it even if they are unnecessary.
  2. When you try to put differences between these two aspects. Think about the facts of oil paintings. As Berger explained in the video, it shows us the current owner’s life and his wealth without including any detail of how they get all those things. On the other hand, publicity shows us a perfect unreal life that we want to have and they want us to have in order to get unnecessary things by purchasing their products.
  3. The dream of a faraway place.
    When I was a child I used to travel often because my mom worked in a business company next to a prestige travel agency. Every time I went to my mom’s job I told her where was going to be the next place to visit. Now I realized that I didn’t care about how much was going to be the cost for those travels, food, etc. I just wanted to be there where the image outside of the agency was. Same peace, same sunny day, same beach because that’s how publicity has a big role in this life. I love visiting other places, and, when I see in those advertisements of people looking so peaceful and happy brings me a good vibe and a way to think that I can solve any problem by going anywhere.

Blog Post #2 “Ways of Seeing” ep. 2

Social media such as integrals or even photograph pages have the same representations described by Berger. It all depends on the other’s people point of view and how they want to interpret the picture or painting they are looking at. Women today have more control of their image in the media. Technology has developed a fundamental advantage in which women have self-control and choose what they want to paint themselves as. They are in control of how they show their image. During the Renaissance, women looked for a man to paint them how they want them to. For example, Berger talked about nude paintings of women depicting the way of women views their images in a certain society. Even though women have more self-respect, they sometimes do objectify themselves in similar ways as what Berger argues about women depicted in Renaissance paintings “Naked is to be oneself and to be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself”. When Berger talks about the representations of women sexualize and objectifies, he is correct because women are painted and photographed in ways to please men. In society, today women are often objectified and forced to live up to unrealistic beauty standards various media use the female body and these standards to appeal to certain audiences which include mainly men. The idea of being seen nude is harmful because it perpetuates the idea that women are nothing more than their bodies and are here only to please men.


Blog post #1

  1. I believe that the advantages of this model “of entering the conversation”, helps people to analyze deeply other opinions and criticize them by agreeing/disagreeing. Giving different points of view and not only stating one opinion.
  2. Some people don’t know the power of artwork in the real world. I believe that artwork not only helps your brain to analyze what’s going on in the scene but is also a way of communication for most of the people who have been trained for specific tasks and then solve them easier.