Blog Post #7

The first step ,in order to develop a research strategy, is by creating a plan and gathering all the information we need. Good research starts with a focus in a topic. For my research paper, I’ve been in a library and ask a librarian to help me with the website of library and how I would be able to find sources through it. He recommended  that I needed to start with Academic Search Complete, which I did ,and through EBSCO host I found one source, while the other one ,I found it through a non profit website which helped me to find more information and details about my paper.

Blog post #5

  1. While hearing and listening seem to have the same purposes using both ears, although are different significantly. On the one hand, hearing is one of the five senses ,while listening is a choice to hear and analyze what you hear. Listening plays an important role in understanding and making decisions. A good listener will not only hear carefully what is been said ,but also what is not said. Therefore, effective listening involves the mind and the eyes,meaning that paying attention to what others say and put back our thoughts making us understand and making us choose more wisely. Sometimes though there are physical distractions such as external noises, cell phones ringing, other people conversations ,honking cars ,personal concerns as pain or even lack of interest  and boredom, that can affect our listening experiences.
  2. According to Schafer and Krukowski there is a relationship between sound and space. For Schafer , sound comes from the environment that surrounds us. Krukowski talks about the importance of a place, as concert hall, is usually remembered by the sounds-songs are played. He also mentions that while people wear headphones to isolate themselves from external noises, they are still in their own space. Moreover,both of them think that more the technology gets involved  ,the less skills we develop.


Blog Post #4

Step 1. Topic:    Rosa Parks photography on the bus

Step 2. State the specific issue:    Does the image imply stasis or movement?

Step 3. Because clause:   The image doesn’t imply stasis because she appeared to accomplished what she fought for.

Step 4. Qualifications:   Although her picture initiated the African Americans civil rights movement ,the racial discrimination still exists.

Step 5. Counterarguments:  While Rosa Parks image is a great example of the ways in which photography helped the civil rights movement ,people’s actions impact the world.

Blog post #3

1.  As Berger states in episode 4 of “Ways of seeing”, publicity proposes to us that we could change our own lives by buying something more. He compares the publicity in today’s society with the oil paintings back in the days. Images through advertisements connected with our own  lives as they are influence us to buy more things in order to be desirable and pleasant improving our own lifestyle.


2. According to Berger, there are two differences between publicity and oil paintings. The first one and more important,in my opinion, is that the oil paintings used to refer to the moment where they made, while the publicity nowadays refers to a imaginary future enhanced by the products. The second ,but not least difference , is that ,on one hand ,paintings were surrounded by a gold frame which showed the wealth of the possessor within and around the picture ,on the other hand, publicity surrounds by us as we are and behind those images are covered our wishes which falsely believe within this way we ‘ll change our own lives.


3. Advertising works upon fear ,the fear of us not being desirable. People who advertise things have the ability to manipulate us influencing our emotions. A good example of manipulation as Berger claims in episode 4 , is buying perfumes appealing our desire for pleasure and try to make us buy those even though that we don’t really need them. Our minds  engaged with ads ,unconsciously , whose create unrealistic expectations of perfection. In conclusion, advertisements are based,falsely, in the relationship between products and our own lifestyle.

Blog post #2

In episode 2 of “Ways of seeing” , John Berger talks about the difference between nude and nakedness .Nudity is a kind of disguise in order to judge the female body while nakedness is a woman without clothes. According to Berger women are being objectified by men and women as a subject of a gaze. I believe that the same is happening nowadays in the social media and women are still determined by the male gaze. On the other hand , women can have more control over their images by controlling what they view and where they focused on social media. In addition, sexuality always played and still plays a significant role in images of women especially since social media included to our lives and exist mostly to shape public attitudes.

Blog post #1

1. According to Gerald Graff and Kathy Birkenstein , the model of “entering the conversation” benefits us in academic writing and critical thinking because listening to others we can be able to look at things from another point of view and expressing our own ideas.


2. Even though some people state that art doesn’t matter in the real world, I agree with the video that looking at artwork helps us analyze other situations and the reason is that, when our eyes trained to look at something we can provide a more detailed information and also increase our communication and problem-solving skills.