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1. An advantage of using the model of “entering the conversation” while writing is that it brings in another perspective. Bringing in more perspectives allows for more insight and deliberation. Having more insight on a topic is good because your argument will be more informed. Another advantage of using this model is that it addresses the opposing argument in a way that makes your argument stronger.
2. I agree that learning to look at artwork helps analyze other situations because it gives some type of context. Generally in films things like setting, plot, and characters are given; which paints a bigger picture. If you know how to look at art you can figure out what the artist was trying to portray. Analyzing art exercises your brain to look for hidden elements and connect them. It trains you to investigate and figure out what to look for.

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1.  I agree with Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein who discussed how writers should use the model of entering the conversation in their writings. It has some advantages for us because entering the conversation model gives an idea about what they are feeling in their opinion. This also helps us to express our own opinion.

2.  I agree with the smart history video that learning to look at artwork helps us to analyze others’ situations. Because art has its own language. Art can be very powerful. Artists express their feelings, love, and message through their art. We can understand what artists are trying to say by looking at their art.

Blog post #1

#1 The advantage of entering the conversation model gives you an idea of what they are feeling or they’re saying about things, this also gives us to show our opinions and lets us represent the different thoughts we have.

#2 I agree with the author’s statement that learning to look at artwork can help us analyze other situations because art can sometimes tell a story just by looking at it and deeply analyzing it you can try and put the pieces together on what the artist is trying to display. 

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Social media plays a vital role in many individuals in the current generation. People post about their lifestyles, friends, family, etc. A person’s life can also change overnight because it went viral. Even though we live in the 21st century, female post is sexualized because they post sexy photos. 

In the second episode of “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger mentions that women these days are still being materialized on social media by men. They are being seemed as sexual objects. Women have less control over their images in the media as the male gaze is determining them. Sexuality does play the same role in the ideas of women today, as Berger describes. The history of women getting sexualized can date back to the 1970s in Europe, where the nude paintings of women were objective by the male spectator. But the same subject of sexual pictures of women is viewed differently in another culture, superficially in Indian culture, as quoted by Berger. “Nakedness is a celebration of active loves between two people, and the women are as active as the men.”

Women’s equality has made a considerable impact, and it is still an ongoing movement.


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#1 The advantages of entering the conversation model gives you an idea on what they are feeling or their opinion on things, this also helps us express our own opinions and lets us express the different views we have.

#2 I agree that learning to look at art work helps us analyze other situations because if you look at art work and stare at it for a minute you can see what the painter is really trying to express to you. If you just take a quick look you can possibly miss important details. I feel this goes into any situation that we deal with in life, when approaching situations it is better to get as many details as possible to better understand.

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  1. Kathleen Birkensten and Gerald Graff provide advice on how writers should engage in a conversation. A writer may take part in the conversation through a paper, a post on social media, or a conversation with their colleagues. It is helpful to give ourselves time to think and listen to others’ opinions if we find ourselves involved in a complex conversation. With respect, we can share our opinions with others, including those who disagree with us, after having a sense of what is going on in the conversation and having an opinion of it.
  2. I totally agree with how powerful art can be. Because for most artists, art is their way to express the pain and feelings of sadness and joy which they are unable to express in words. Consequently, art plays an important role in our lives, allowing us to understand other people’s histories and the stories behind their artwork. Additionally, people can communicate through art, regardless of their culture or beliefs.

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1) Advantages of “entering the conversation” model when writing is it will help you to listen to others point of view. Also it helps to express your own opinion.

2) I agree with the smarthistory videos because when looking at art you see a story. In the video it shows how art work helps cops solve a crime because if the cop did not look he will not be able to find clues that will help solve the crime.

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1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing because the templates empower you to be a more critical and intellectual thinker. The book also invites you to participate in debates and conversations of your world in an active and empowered way. The templates also don’t stop your creativity they only give you a format on how to say your message. Once you master them you can change them or get rid of them altogether.

2. I do agree with the smarthistory videos looking at and interrogating artwork can improve visual and communication skills which can be critical during emergencies. There can be a lot more going on in a piece of artwork than first meets the eye. A close study of art can train viewers to study situations more thoroughly this is especially pertinent to professions like doctors that review test results and Xrays all day long. Studying art and discussing what you see can also help you with your articulation skills by providing a more detailed and accurate description of situations.

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  1. I believe that the advantages of this model “of entering the conversation”, helps people to analyze deeply other opinions and criticize them by agreeing/disagreeing. Giving different points of view and not only stating one opinion.
  2. Some people don’t know the power of artwork in the real world. I believe that artwork not only helps your brain to analyze what’s going on in the scene but is also a way of communication for most of the people who have been trained for specific tasks and then solve them easier.



Entering the conversation and analyzing artworks

  1. Entering a conversation in real life and mastering the art of speech, is kind of the same thing as entering a conversation on a writing passage and master the art of writing. Both times you are responding in one way or another to an argument coming from what ”they say”. As Graff and Birknstein state in the Introduction of this book, ”to make impact as a writer you need to do more than making logical statements, you need to enter a conversation with other’s view”. That meaning that the writer should make sense on what he/her is saying.
    What i think is an advantage of ”entering the conversation” is the fact of knowing already what we are going to write about. We already know the issue we are going to argument about, giving as an advantage of doing our critical thinking and going deeper step by step. We have the chance to rise controversy with our arguments and make our writing as lively as we can. Being able to know how to ”enter a conversation” makes us more of a writer, rather than just someone stating a fact but not making sense.
  2. I do agree with the statement that art helps us with analyzing other situations. As it is stated in the video ”How art can help you analyze”, looking at a artwork would help us think of it deeper and understand the meaning behind of it. The same thing is on other situations of our life, we analyze, criticize in order to give a meaning or find a solution. Same as a doctor does with his patients, looking at the symptoms to give the diagnose, that is what we do in real life, we analyze using our senses to give our judgment. The power to look through what is shown in the surface, makes us better critical thinkers. Therefore, we end up making the right decision and the right judgement.