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For every research paper, there is a specific purpose. Hence, the decision on which research method I should adopt depends on my research objectives and aims. My strategies are simple. I always pick the topic that I have more information, concepts, and ideas about. When choosing my research method, I define my goals, objectives, and research question. Next, I find resources to conduct my research. Then, I write the method in detail and review it.

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  • Even though the world contains the powerful devices that have made piracy easier than it used to be, I wonder if the music industry still faces piracy to this day.
  • I’m wondering if the digital music platforms care about the quantity of the music that the application contains or about the high quality of music.

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  1. Hearing and listening are two confusing words within the English language. These two verbs are linked with the meaning of sound and describe the experience of receiving sound. Even though these two verbs can be applied to the identical things (the things we hear), there’s a difference in their meanings. The most significant difference between hearing and listening is that hearing is receiving, or perceiving, sound through our ears, whereas listening means making significant efforts to perceive sound. The difference between hearing and listening is just like the difference between watching and observing.

    Listening is a skill that requires us as the listener to provide feedback about what we hear from the speaker. However, being attentive to others can strengthen our relationships. And once we listen well to others, we reveal ourselves as being curious and engaged with them. Additionally, our ability to know the meanings of what we hear will make us a more knowledgeable and thoughtful people.

    For example, if we’re listening to someone discuss a difficult day they had at work, we’ll have our full attention focused on them. As they speak, we will begin to gain insight into what their experience was like, and this will help us formulate thoughtful comments and ask relevant questions to gain a deeper understanding of their experience.

    In my native country, relationships with our colleagues may affect our ability to pay attention by listening to them. Because once we know our colleagues well, we frequently assume we will know what they’re saying or will say during a particular situation, and that we plan our response accordingly. All told, in these situations, the conditions needed for genuine listening don’t seem to be present. Further, dialogue and deliberation quickly devolve when individuals believe that what they need to mention isn’t valued.

  2. The author Schafer illustrates that our modern technological society has attained somewhat of a consensus regarding what is desirable and undesirable. According to Krukowski, our concept of noise and signal within the urban environment has changed to a point where industrial sound and birdsong have become one and the same, as well as noisy elements, blocked out by our headphones. With our digital society, we have made it far too easy to shut out any unwanted or uncomfortable noise.

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1. A famous image of Rosa Parks sitting at the front of a bus.

2. Why is the story of Rosa Parks has become popularly known?

3. Rosa Parks’ story has become known because it fits a cultural template about the power of individuals.

4. Although Rosa Parkers knew she would face trouble if she sat in the first row of a bus where whites could sit.

5. Rosa Parks was able to change her city’s law, which said black people couldn’t sit in front. Rosa broke the law and decided to take a seat in the first row due to fatigue, and this led to her being arrested and placed in jail.

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  1. John Berger argues that advertising can be found everywhere. For decades, models have been used for promoting products and creating and modeling products are symbiotic. Nowadays, the nature of publicity has changed dramatically. Some celebrities sell their tweets or may use their sponsor products to post pictures on Instagram, and these posts are not explicitly marked as sponsored. Therefore, the company pays the celebrity a sum in exchange for a small publicity act, which allows the celebrity to benefit from his popularity and influence. Consequently, viewers feel awe, envy, and aspiration for the model and they are motivated to own the product. The model’s public image is reinforced by the product she is promoting, whether it reflects strength, wealth, beauty, intelligence, style, or fame. Therefore, both the model and the products promote each other.
  2. For generations, the public has impersonated or incorporated painting materials for use in effects such as objects and poses. Modern advertising is mostly based on a style that is copied from vintage advertisements and applied to contemporary advertising, rather than on actual paintings. According to Berger, the difference between an oil painting and a publicity image is that an oil painting was meant to increase self-confidence, while a publicity image is meant to inspire the public. The public promotes, and money signifies (sexual) power, desire, and sufficiency Advertisers tell us we are inadequate but promise that we will purchase their product.
  3. We dream of enjoying the life of a party, enjoying the luxury. This leads us to think that if we spend money on expensive dinners and look sophisticated, we can create a fun atmosphere and bring the most pleasure. We may wake up next to the person we thought we had pulled in the night before.

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          In both society and the media, women, and men are treated differently. For a man to have a presence, he must imply power, but for a woman, her behavior reveals her attitude toward herself and her willingness or unwillingness to accept certain things. As a woman, in my native country, I was born within a designated and limited space, into the hands of men. Until today, visual and social media, magazines, or advertisements of women selling products, generally refer to male voyeurism, which tends to sexualize women for a male viewer. 

          Women are defined by the spectacle, whereas men are discernible by their gaze. However, the nakedness of women in painting or advertisement is never an expression of their desires, but rather a submission to the spectator. Also, Berger points out that this is a uniquely Western cultural concept; whereas, in other cultures, sexuality has to do with partnered couples in which the woman and the man are both active.

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  1. Kathleen Birkensten and Gerald Graff provide advice on how writers should engage in a conversation. A writer may take part in the conversation through a paper, a post on social media, or a conversation with their colleagues. It is helpful to give ourselves time to think and listen to others’ opinions if we find ourselves involved in a complex conversation. With respect, we can share our opinions with others, including those who disagree with us, after having a sense of what is going on in the conversation and having an opinion of it.
  2. I totally agree with how powerful art can be. Because for most artists, art is their way to express the pain and feelings of sadness and joy which they are unable to express in words. Consequently, art plays an important role in our lives, allowing us to understand other people’s histories and the stories behind their artwork. Additionally, people can communicate through art, regardless of their culture or beliefs.