Blog Post #6

I have chosen to revise my second essay. I feel that The way we hear is very interesting. In my essay I spoke about Money and it’s involvement in the music industry and how it effect what we hear. I will add on by speaking about How the music industry has changed due to the development of new technology?, how is money directly related to such musical changes . Why are some artists pay greater than other ? How is monitory valued made for music where do the number come from?

Blog Post #5


    1. The difference between hearing and listening to me is hearing you hear a sound/person talking but don’t comprehend the meaning of it but listening you try to understand what the sound is or the person who is talking is saying. I think we do make choices about what we listen to because we listen to what is relevant/ important. Criteria we use when hearing is using our ears but when listening we are using our brain. I think structural features, such as race, gender, or social class, inform how we listen because people have different opinions and won’t listen to others because they want to stick to their opinion. I think another structural element that affect our listening experience is our setting/surroundings because people can get distracted easily and loose focous when trying to listen.
    2. Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by talking to us about how sound is always around us. Sometimes we understand the meaning of it by listening and sometimes you just hear it.

Blog Post #4


Step 2) Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing

Step 3) Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing because we all have our own preferences to what we want in a partner and these preferences may include gender or may not, nun the less it is a personal matter.

Step 4) Although same sex relationships have been looked down upon, Everyone should have the right to be with the sex of their choosing cause we all have our own preferences to what we want in a partner and these preferences may include gender or may not.

Step 5) No matter if there are laws against same sex marriage, we will still have the free will inside to our own preference of the gender of our partner.



1. Berger, publicity influences consumers by displaying “images of an alternate way of life.” Such images are used to manipulate the consumer into believing that their products are should be purchased in their perceived best interest. If we purchase these items we will experience a better form of existence They’re able to convince consumers that they will become enviable. which will lead to a happier existence. This is significant as we see these images everywhere and even if we don’t remember the images, they still manage to influence our daily decisions subconsciously .

2. Oil painting to publicity photography differences are important because oil paintings shows what the owners life is like. It shows the current wealth or achievements of the owner but not how they got it. It shows what the owner has but not what they are offering. However, publicity photography shows us what we want to have. It offers something that will make out life better by  purchasing their service or products that is being shown.

3. Berger tells of the “dream of beauty. “How so many cosmetic companies and manufacturers use magazines and tv commercials in order to spread there “ Beauty dream” as beauty is now something that can be bought. It give people the image that if they use said products they to can achieve the perfect look and only then will they be truly beautiful. However this is all a false truth as we know today technology makes enhancing once featured easier , thus making this an even greater form of deception. Such changes in technology have allows us to alter our experience and alter the way the world see what we experience.

Blog post #2

Representations of women today are similar to that in Ways of Seeing, episode 2 as women are objectified in society. They are judged and harshly criticized by other women and men. However there are women who are working toward change. Women have more control over their images in the media today but some are still targeted by the male gaze trying to sculpt women into some so called perfect figure. Women nowadays are criticized for either being too skinny or large . Today women can’t take pride in their bodies, posting photos of body progress or simple photos in a dress are subject to judgement .There are many women who have put up with mean comments and “internet haters” who just want to devalue and dehumanize women. Berger talks about how men are justified for only seeing women for their beauty, and expect that woman use the tool at their disposal to attain beauty for men. When she does so, she is then considered a narcissist and therein lies the double standard. Before nude potraits were very common and didn’t mean you were scandalous and wanted sex it was just a form of expression. Today we are judged for showing our body in a Provocative way.

Blog post #1

1) Advantages of “entering the conversation” model when writing is it will help you to listen to others point of view. Also it helps to express your own opinion.

2) I agree with the smarthistory videos because when looking at art you see a story. In the video it shows how art work helps cops solve a crime because if the cop did not look he will not be able to find clues that will help solve the crime.