blog post# 7

A Research Strategy is a bit-by-bit game plan that coordinates your contemplations and endeavors, empowering you to lead research deliberately and on time to create quality outcomes and complete reporting. It allows one to stay focused, reduce frustration, enhance quality, and, most importantly, save time and resources. The most valuable method and idea I get from reading are to be clear and concise on words. Work on the transition of the paragraph. Take help from the writing center and evaluate every section properly.

blog post# 6

For my third paper, I would choose the first paper. I feel that it is more connected to me. I can do more research on police brutality and how people of color are treated in society even though we live in a democratic country. I would love to do more research on how people’s voices are suppressed. Can you believe  its 2022 and racism still exist?

blog post#5

The difference between hearing and listening is that in hearing, you can physically sit there and hear what others are saying, whereas listening is paying attention to the conversation. It might be a topic that we are interested in and want to know more. Yes, we choose what we listen to because we usually listen to things we are interested. We make these choices by paying attention to the details, making eye contact, making body gestures, and giving feedback. Criteria we use are paying attention, showing that I listen, providing feedback, and responding appropriately. It depends if structural features, such as race, gender, or social class, inform how we hear. It mainly depends on one’s perspective and thoughts on how they were raised, educated, social circles, and personal experiences. Other structural elements that affect our listening experiences can be our surroundings, influence from others, distraction, etc.


Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space. They make sense of we utilize our hearing to find sounds around us. They additionally discuss how New York has been getting “gentrified.” They also discuss the surroundings of NYC, where everyone is captivated by their technology. Everyone has headphones on, using their phones or other electronics. When I am on the train or the bus, everyone is busy with their phones. They are listening to music, watching videos, making phone calls, etc. Everyone is trying to avoid contact with others around them.

Blog post #4

1 Black life matters.
2. Black lives matter is a significant movement.
3. Black lives matter is a significant move because it’s a movement for equality for black communities.
4. Although there might still be issues regarding an individual’s fundamental rights, black lives matter focuses on equality for black communities.
5. law is necessary to maintain a system within the community. A police officer must serve and protect others, but if the black lives matter movement keeps uprising, there needs to be better protocol on how to handle a disturbance in public.

Blog post #3

According to Berger, publicity images have the same meaning as advertising images. Berger explains that these images surround us, so it is unique to modern society. These images intend to create a mental picture of the product or service in the customer’s mind. These images also help make the customer feel familiar with it and, lastly, induce a consultation of that knowledge into actual purchase.

Color photography or publicity photography has taken over the role of oil paint in a different context. The difference between oil painting and publicity photography is that everyone can see photography, but oil paintings were only for the ruling class. I think publicity photography affects how we feel, perceive, and judge everything in our society. For example, publicity images can lead to serious negative consequences for our psychological and physical wellbeing because these images promote false happiness.

One of the dreams Berger alludes to is the dream of a faraway place. This takes us to places we only see in travel brochures and manipulates us by visually pleasing us. These images are attractive, arouse curiosity amongst consumers, and are an intelligent way to attract new customers and provoke recent sales. Advertising images create an illusion or fantasy which requires a high level of skill accompanied by imagination to produce good work.

Blog Post #2

Social media plays a vital role in many individuals in the current generation. People post about their lifestyles, friends, family, etc. A person’s life can also change overnight because it went viral. Even though we live in the 21st century, female post is sexualized because they post sexy photos. 

In the second episode of “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger mentions that women these days are still being materialized on social media by men. They are being seemed as sexual objects. Women have less control over their images in the media as the male gaze is determining them. Sexuality does play the same role in the ideas of women today, as Berger describes. The history of women getting sexualized can date back to the 1970s in Europe, where the nude paintings of women were objective by the male spectator. But the same subject of sexual pictures of women is viewed differently in another culture, superficially in Indian culture, as quoted by Berger. “Nakedness is a celebration of active loves between two people, and the women are as active as the men.”

Women’s equality has made a considerable impact, and it is still an ongoing movement.


Blog post#1

According to Graff and Birkenstein ” entering the conversation”, helps us in overall life. It helps us to know other people’s ideas and we can examine their motives.

I agree with Smarthistory videos because every artist has their history, background, and deep meaning. looking at the art and imagining is the most beautiful moment. it is like a watching movie. It helps different sectors people too.