Blog #3

1. According to John Berger, an advertising image makes viewers think that if they buy what it offers, this possession will change their lives, including their relationships. By showing pictures of happy people using their products, they send a message if we buy this product, we too can have a life like these people.

2. According to John Berger, oil paintings began with facts from the life of its owner. It shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner without including how he obtains this wealth. He doesn’t offer anything, he just shows what he already has. But, advertising shows us a perfect life that we want to have. And he offers us this life by buying their services or products.

3. I chose the dream of a distant place. It’s a dream that he and mine offer. Since I was a child, traveling the world has been one of my biggest dreams. Especially after my interactions with technology increased, I realized that this dream was getting bigger and bigger in my heart. Travel agency advertisements play an important role in this regard.Images from other countries always have very distinct colors and generally everyone in these images looks so peaceful and happy. Nobody shows any sign of bad mood or trouble that makes me feel like if I go to that place, the only thing I will feel is happiness and peace.