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  1. Kathleen Birkensten and Gerald Graff provide advice on how writers should engage in a conversation. A writer may take part in the conversation through a paper, a post on social media, or a conversation with their colleagues. It is helpful to give ourselves time to think and listen to others’ opinions if we find ourselves involved in a complex conversation. With respect, we can share our opinions with others, including those who disagree with us, after having a sense of what is going on in the conversation and having an opinion of it.
  2. I totally agree with how powerful art can be. Because for most artists, art is their way to express the pain and feelings of sadness and joy which they are unable to express in words. Consequently, art plays an important role in our lives, allowing us to understand other people’s histories and the stories behind their artwork. Additionally, people can communicate through art, regardless of their culture or beliefs.

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  • March 25, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Ghizlane, you do a good job of highlighting the significance of these two items from the syllabus.

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