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1.The advantages of writers using the model “entering the conversation” according to Gerald Graff and Kathleen Birkensten is that it allows writers to hear from multiple points of views as well as form there own opinion.

2. I agree with the statement that learning to look at artwork can help us analyze other situations because art can sometimes tell a story just by looking at it and deeply analyzing it you can try and put the pieces together on what the artist is trying to portray. The same way you can do that for art you can use those analyzing skills to help in other situations.

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  • March 14, 2022 at 10:35 am

    In the poem “The brain-is wider then the sky-” by Emily Dickinson explains that the sky is wonderful being to bring everything that match with sea. Many people try to learn what possible poems and literature things do. Emily Dickinson trying to tell us that the sky is peaceful knowing that listening to the sounds in the sky can remind you of what peaceful it can be to know the history beginning of yourself. Watching the sea makes the matching the sky color of the ocean.Their for many realize what possible ways to feel so many can be beside off what you really do.Those around many things poem for the weight of any god to make. Those around people their always poems and brains to think of your ideas.

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