Blog post #4

1 Black life matters.
2. Black lives matter is a significant movement.
3. Black lives matter is a significant move because it’s a movement for equality for black communities.
4. Although there might still be issues regarding an individual’s fundamental rights, black lives matter focuses on equality for black communities.
5. law is necessary to maintain a system within the community. A police officer must serve and protect others, but if the black lives matter movement keeps uprising, there needs to be better protocol on how to handle a disturbance in public.

One thought on “Blog post #4

  • April 1, 2022 at 11:06 am

    You need to reframe your thesis statement. The paper is not about the Black Lives Matter social movement. It is about the structure of the image of Ieshia Evans, which happens to be taken during a BLM protest. The question you should answer–if you want to continue with this topic–is “how does this image represent ideas about racial justice?” You need to focus on the photograph itself, not the broader BLM movement.

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