Blog Post 4

Step 1: Rosa Parks

Step 2: Rosa Parks still has an effect on people who protest today.

Step 3: Rosa Parks still has an effect on people who protest today because she was brave during a horrible time.

Step 4: Although Rosa Parks protested a long time ago, she still influences people to be brave in the face of racism.

Step 5: People might be influenced by Rosa Parks, but she protested in a time that was very different than today.

Blog Post #4 Thesis Machine Iesha Evans

Step 1. Topic: Black lives in the face of the racism, demanding social justice.

Step 2. State the specific issue: Ieshia Evans, a demonstrator at an event that followed the shooting of Alton Sterling by a policeman in Baton Rouge, LA

Step 3. Because clause: social justice movements, and became resonant for those who deal with the intersections of race and criminal justice.

Step 4. Qualifications: Peaceful protestors being arrested.  Using their constitutional right to protest and demand equality and equity.

Step 5. Counterarguments : people will argue that the protest were illegal because a permit was not issued and the protest disturbed traffic


Ieshia Evans in a flowing dress stands facing a line of police in riot gear, two of whom charge towards her

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge by Jonathan Bachman


Blog Post #4

Step 1. Topic:    Rosa Parks photography on the bus

Step 2. State the specific issue:    Does the image imply stasis or movement?

Step 3. Because clause:   The image doesn’t imply stasis because she appeared to accomplished what she fought for.

Step 4. Qualifications:   Although her picture initiated the African Americans civil rights movement ,the racial discrimination still exists.

Step 5. Counterarguments:  While Rosa Parks image is a great example of the ways in which photography helped the civil rights movement ,people’s actions impact the world.

blog 4

1) Strike

2) Strikes should be repress.

3) Strikes should be subject of repression because it’s by far a reason for riot.

4) Although strikes are causes of intense violence in our community, it’s also a factor of raising voice against some types of discriminations.

5) Strikes are sometimes the only way of resolution for certain issues such as a revolution, a massive change, etc..

Thesis Machine, Rosa Parks

Step 1

Topic: Rosa Parks

Step 2

Issue: Civil Rights activism captured in photography

Step 3

Position: Rosa Parks photography captures the reality of the Civil Rights issue through the vision of the photographer.

Step 4

Qualifications: Although the ‘50s were difficult times when it comes to Civil Rights activism, photography was used as a mean to express the reality.

Step 5

Counterargument: Although the photographs show a part of the reality regarding Civil Rights activism, protest were those that made the true changes when it comes to the Civil Rights Movement.