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  1. What do you take the differences between “hearing” and “listening” to be? Do we make choices about what we listen to? If so, how do we make these choices? What criteria do we use? Do structural features, such as race, gender, or social class, inform how we listen? How so? Are there other structural elements that affect our listening experiences? Hearing is just something you just listen to, listening is something that you pay close attention too. Yes, we make the choice on what we listen to because listening gives one’s attention to a sound, listening is a learned skill. We make these choices by managing what he can hear and what we don’t want to hear. When we pay attention to certain things and only focus on it you forget about what’s around it. It’s very personal choice to choose what we listen to and what we don’t. In some house holds the wife usually listens to what the husband says because he’s the head on the house. Listening is something that you can’t really avoid. I feel like something that really effects our listening structural elements that affect our listening experience is our surrounding because you can easily get distracted by any noise.
  2. How do Schafer and Krakowski discuss the relationship between sound and space? Schafer and Krakowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by talking about us and how we always have sound around us. Schafer believe sound comes from the environment and what surrounds us. There’re times where we understand certain thing by listening or sometimes by just hearing.

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