Blog post #5

  1. While hearing and listening seem to have the same purposes using both ears, although are different significantly. On the one hand, hearing is one of the five senses ,while listening is a choice to hear and analyze what you hear. Listening plays an important role in understanding and making decisions. A good listener will not only hear carefully what is been said ,but also what is not said. Therefore, effective listening involves the mind and the eyes,meaning that paying attention to what others say and put back our thoughts making us understand and making us choose more wisely. Sometimes though there are physical distractions such as external noises, cell phones ringing, other people conversations ,honking cars ,personal concerns as pain or even lack of interestĀ  and boredom, that can affect our listening experiences.
  2. According to Schafer and Krukowski there is a relationship between sound and space. For Schafer , sound comes from the environment that surrounds us. Krukowski talks about the importance of a place, as concert hall, is usually remembered by the sounds-songs are played. He also mentions that while people wear headphones to isolate themselves from external noises, they are still in their own space. Moreover,both of them think that more the technology gets involvedĀ  ,the less skills we develop.