Blog Post #5

  1. The main difference between hearing and listening is that when you hear stuff you do not really like paying attention and understanding what’s happening. For instance, if you’re just hearing 2 people talk you’re just probably hearing it go through one ear and out the either. When you’re listening you actually listening close to someone’s conversation and you understand and analyze what those 2 people are saying. When you are listening I feel like you are more engaged in what you’re doing, but hearing and listening work together.
  2. Schafer and Krukowski identify a relationship between space and sound. They identify that music and the sound of it is an instrumental part of a lot of things. They believe that music and sound are sometimes produced by emotion and sometimes by noise. Schafer believes that sound is not just a product of the culture and environment around you but a reflection of everything that goes on around you and how you hear all the noise around you. They also found out that analyzing soundscape was a much harder task than anything.