Blog Post # 5

1. While hearing and listening seem to have the same goal when using both ears, there are significant differences between them. On the one hand, hearing is one of the five senses, while hearing is the choice to hear and analyze what you hear. Listening plays an important role in understanding and decision making. A good listener will not only listen carefully to what has been said, but also to what has not been said. So, effective listening involves the mind and the eyes, which means paying attention to what the other person is saying and putting our thoughts in a position that makes us understand and make more informed choices. Sometimes despite physical distractions such as outside noises, cell phone ringing, conversations with others, car horns, personal concerns such as pain or even lack of interest and boredom, can affect our listening experience.

2. Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by telling us about how sound is all around us. Sometimes we get the meaning by listening and sometimes you just hear it.




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