Krukowski writes at the beginning of the episode, “The marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful decide is not useful at the minute”. It appears that he is trying to imply that those in authority are the ones deciding what is useful at the minute. First it was CDs and the record players and now it’s online streaming flatforms and social media. The music industry and musicians have benefited greatly from incorporating technology with music, as technology is constantly evolving.

Music indicates the differences between the powerful and the marginalized as the powerful have the resources to decide how and where music should be released. Nowadays everything is based on trends and to keep up with this they must stay up to date or they could go out of trend. I believe the difference between the marginalized and the powerful is mainly about resources. People who want to continue to sell CDs and records can now only sell to a small niche because most of the people are now adapting to newer technology and they do not have CD players or record players, which makes them the marginalized. They cannot control how music is shared.

Krukowski talks about how Spotify suggested songs that matched the type/album he likes, which he had never heard before. This was a surprise to him as to how a suggested album had all the songs to his liking. He says ” It’s not surprising,┬ásurprise is not the same as discover for a huge digital corporation eager to engage every one of us and as much of our time as possible with their product”.