Blog Post #5


    1. The difference between hearing and listening to me is hearing you hear a sound/person talking but don’t comprehend the meaning of it but listening you try to understand what the sound is or the person who is talking is saying. I think we do make choices about what we listen to because we listen to what is relevant/ important. Criteria we use when hearing is using our ears but when listening we are using our brain. I think structural features, such as race, gender, or social class, inform how we listen because people have different opinions and won’t listen to others because they want to stick to their opinion. I think another structural element that affect our listening experience is our setting/surroundings because people can get distracted easily and loose focous when trying to listen.
    2. Schafer and Krukowski discuss the relationship between sound and space by talking to us about how sound is always around us. Sometimes we understand the meaning of it by listening and sometimes you just hear it.