Entering the conversation and analyzing artworks

  1. Entering a conversation in real life and mastering the art of speech, is kind of the same thing as entering a conversation on a writing passage and master the art of writing. Both times you are responding in one way or another to an argument coming from what ”they say”. As Graff and Birknstein state in the Introduction of this book, ”to make impact as a writer you need to do more than making logical statements, you need to enter a conversation with other’s view”. That meaning that the writer should make sense on what he/her is saying.
    What i think is an advantage of ”entering the conversation” is the fact of knowing already what we are going to write about. We already know the issue we are going to argument about, giving as an advantage of doing our critical thinking and going deeper step by step. We have the chance to rise controversy with our arguments and make our writing as lively as we can. Being able to know how to ”enter a conversation” makes us more of a writer, rather than just someone stating a fact but not making sense.
  2. I do agree with the statement that art helps us with analyzing other situations. As it is stated in the video ”How art can help you analyze”, looking at a artwork would help us think of it deeper and understand the meaning behind of it. The same thing is on other situations of our life, we analyze, criticize in order to give a meaning or find a solution. Same as a doctor does with his patients, looking at the symptoms to give the diagnose, that is what we do in real life, we analyze using our senses to give our judgment. The power to look through what is shown in the surface, makes us better critical thinkers. Therefore, we end up making the right decision and the right judgement.

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