Blog Post #5

This week we moved into the “ways of hearing” unit of the course, and you were asked to think about how sound shapes our experience of space and place. You listened to the second episode of Damon Krukkowsi’s Ways of Hearing and read the introduction to R. Murray Schafer’s book The Soundscape (originally titled The Tuning of the World) in which he defines the concept of the soundscape.

For this blog post I would like you to write a brief entry (around 200 words), in which you compare one idea from either Krukowski’s podcast or Schafer’s introduction to your own experience. Some things to think about (Don’t feel like you need to answer all or any of these questions; I just want to get your thoughts going): Does what Krukowski and his guests say about the sounds of the city line up with your own experience? What about how he and his guests describe earbuds? Do they function in this way for you? Is the management of noise an environmental concern, as Schafer argues?

In your pose, incorporate one quotation from either Krukowsi’s podcast or Schafer’s introduction. Use the guidelines from They Say/I Say and the screencasts I posted.