Hi all, 

Welcome to ENG 101! 

I can’t wait to dive into the material I have planned for the course and read your work.

I will be giving you a full introduction of the course at our first meeting on Tuesday, when I will make Blackboard available and show you how the digital aspect of the course will work. However, we will not be using Blackboard for anything but as a way for you to check your grades. 

For now, I would like you to sign up for the CUNY Academic Commons. Our course site on this platform will be where you will find readings and assignments, and it will be the place we interact for the online portion of the course. You can register for an account here. You will need to use your LaGuardia email address (your @live.lagcc.cuny.edu account). If you don’t have access to this email account you should contact the IT department by filling out this form. Once you register for the Commons, you will receive a confirmation email in your LaGuardia email inbox.

Here is the link to the course site https://eng101sp22.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

I look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday!