As every era is different, ways of doing things are also different. It is from this perspective that I strongly agree that women nowadays are being used as an object. The only problem is that women themselves didn’t notice it, or the majority did not notice it yet. woman body has always been symbolic and sacred. However, today with women emancipation and education level things drastically changed. Let’s have a look on the phenomenon of onlyfans, where women post some type of images to make money. Notice is that women make more money when the contents are more extravagant such as naked pictures, shower videos, etc…Question is, does this deserve some comments?

Instagram is also another subtle way of objectifying women. As women are looking for attention they tend to post some type of contents that generate some comments either positive or negative. People always comment according to their values or principles. Yes, women are objectified, but do they always becarful about what their post on public platform?