Thesis Machine, Rosa Parks

Step 1

Topic: Rosa Parks

Step 2

Issue: Civil Rights activism captured in photography

Step 3

Position: Rosa Parks photography captures the reality of the Civil Rights issue through the vision of the photographer.

Step 4

Qualifications: Although the ‘50s were difficult times when it comes to Civil Rights activism, photography was used as a mean to express the reality.

Step 5

Counterargument: Although the photographs show a part of the reality regarding Civil Rights activism, protest were those that made the true changes when it comes to the Civil Rights Movement.

One thought on “Thesis Machine, Rosa Parks

  • April 1, 2022 at 10:54 am

    Jona, you’re on the right track. Look again at your entries for steps 3 & 4. Here, you jump from a statement that is fairly specific to one that is too general. I would say go back to what you’ve written for step 3 and work on being more specific about what you mean by “the reality of the Civil Rights” and “the vision of the photographer.” Then, connect your more specific ideas about these phrases to the photograph of Parks.

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